Victoria Mallory
Vicki Mallory


Isobel Mallory (mother), unnamed father, Elena Saunders (sister, deceased), Trinity Saunders (sister, deceased), Bellatrix Mallory (sister, deceased), Kayla Cullen (niece, deceased), Aisha Guevara (descendant), Aria Pierce (ancestor), Shira Ramirez (ancestor)


Former student



Transfiguration Date

1256 (approximately)

Significant Kills

Elena Saunders



Cause of Death

Lack of blood

Played By

Kayla Ewell

Early Life

Victoria "Vicki" Mallory was born in 1237 to Isobel Mallory and an unnamed father. At some point, she was turned into a vampire and she fled Mystic Falls due to the fact that people suspected that vampires existed.


898 years later, Vicki posed as Elena Saunders' best friend, fully aware that they were sisters, unbeknownst to Elena. She revealed her vampiric nature to her when she realized that she was the Yin Warrior and attacked her, almost killing her. It wasn't until Elena's legal guardian intervened that she spared her life, as she couldn't afford to let her secret be revealed. She then went AWOL, plotting against her sister, and she later resurfaced, planning to cause a nuclear apocalypse by using nuclear missiles. Elena stopped her, but this ultimately drove her to the point of being determined to killing her sister.

When she began a war, her forces and Elena's resistance engaged in an epic battle. She and Elena fought in a brutal hand-to-hand and elemental fight, which would determine the world's fate. It had a tragic end when Vicki wounded Elena to the point of death, but Elena used the Book of Rao to send her away. Vicki supposedly died from starvation.

Post Mortem

She later resurfaced, using Kayla as a vessel, and used this as a chance to avenge herself. Vicki attacked Alec, but she decided to kill him another time, and left Kayla's body. On Founder's Day, she returned and activated the device. This almost killed Alec, as he was placed in a burning building, but Elena, who used Aisha Guevara as her host, rescued him. Vicki, believing that he had died, then left the world forever.

Physical Appearance

Vicki had light brown hair and a dark complexion, while being exactly Elena's height.


Vicki had low self-esteem and didn't seem to think she was deserving of being in a caring relationship with someone due to her turbulent relationships in the past, and this only contributed to her malevolence.

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