Shira Ramirez


Aria Pierce (mother), Alec Cullen (father), Kayla Cullen (half-sister, deceased)





Transfiguration Date

1883 by Aria Pierce



Played By

Jessica Alba

Early Life

Shira Ramirez was born in 1864 to Aria Pierce and Alec Cullen, who was unaware of her birth. At some point in 1883, Aria turned her into a vampire and they separated due to their different goals.


Shira's whereabouts were unknown for centuries until she suddenly reappeared in 2155, kidnapping Aisha Guevara, because she wanted her talisman for her own personal gain. She brought Aisha to an abandoned motel room and brutally interrogated Aisha about its whereabouts, severely injuring her when she refused to cooperate. Shira later revealed to Aisha why she'd kidnapped her: Klaus, one of the oldest vampires, wanted her because she was Aria's reincarnation due to her relation to the now deceased Elena, Aria's doppelganger, as she was her next surviving member of her family and she was needed to break "the curse." She told her that Elena's destiny wasn't completely fulfilled when she died, and that her next surviving relative was tasked with completing her fate. Aisha was shocked by this, and Shira informed her that the final stage of carrying out the rest of her destiny was killing her lover, Alec. When Aisha refused, she compelled her into fulfilling the rest of Elena's destiny. Later on, she confronted Alec and mercilessly mocked him.


Shira, just like her mother, has a cold attitude towards humans, and uses them for her needs, such as when she abducted Aisha. When Aisha tried to escape her captivity, she displayed a sadism when she broke her leg. She views ancient vampires as her "heroes," looking up to them. However, she is currently unaware that Alec, one of her sworn enemies, is her father. Despite her malevolence, she has some form of compassion towards Aisha due to her being Aria's reincarnation, showing that she values her mother's life.

She also appears to be very knowledgable when it comes to mythology, as she explained to Aisha the rest of Elena's legendary destiny, which turned out to be ancient folklore before she was born.

Physical Appearance

Shira is approximately 5"8' and has dark brown hair, much like her mother, and chocolate-brown eyes. Also, she has a pale complexion.

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