Mikayla Cullen


Alec Cullen (father), Elena Saunders (mother, deceased), Shira Ramirez (half-sister), Jacob Gonzalez (ex-husband), Isobel Mallory (grandmother), Victoria Mallory (aunt, deceased), Bellatrix Mallory (aunt, deceased), Trinity Saunders (aunt, deceased), Jared Saunders (uncle, deceased), Katrina Saunders (aunt, deceased), Damon Gonzalez (father-in-law, deceased), Aria Pierce (ancestor), Anya Martinez (great-aunt), Kara Cullen (distant relative, deceased),


Co-leader of the Resistance



Transfiguration Date

Mid 2155 by Isobel Mallory

Significant Sires

Aisha Guevara


Deceased (Kill or Be Killed)

Cause of Death


Killed By

Aria Pierce

Played By

Megan Fox

Early Life

Mikayla Cullen was born to Elena Saunders and Aleksandr Cullen, and inherited their powers. Her mother trained her in martial arts and was killed during the final battle. Sometime after the War, she began a forbidden romance with Jacob Gonzalez.


Kayla was visiting Elena's grave when she was branded with the Mark of Transference, thus allowing Victoria Mallory to resurface, using her as a vessel. After an intense fight with Alec, Vicki's soul left Kayla's body---but the Mark remained. She learned from Jake that her father used to be Vicki's assistant and was responsible for Trinity's death, and she made it her task to silence him once and for all.

She found Alec held captive in a foundry, and after making him believe she was saving him, attacked him. He attempted to reason with her, and they engaged in combat. Fortunately, Kayla learned that he didn't kill Trinity and was harshly reprimanded by Kara Cullen, as her irresponsible actions nearly cost Alec his life. Kayla fiercely confronted Jake about this, but he claimed that he'd gotten his facts wrong. They were about to make love when he proposed, and she immediately accepted, which led to their engagement. Both of their fathers disapproved, but Alec didn't want his daughter to get hurt. They soon got into a heated argument, in which her father told her about Elena's short and turbulent marriage to Damon Gonzalez. Kayla was shocked, but this didn't change her feelings for Jake. This severely strained relationship with her father, and she avoided him for a while. She then secretly moved in with Jake. She soon began to suffer serious amnesia, and realized that Victoria was taking control. Against her wishes, her father erased her memories of the supernatural while restoring her memories of everything else.

On the day of her wedding, she was informed by her father that Elena had died. This left her relationship with Alec almost irreparable, although they acted like no tension was between them during the ceremony. Soon after she and Jake had exchanged vows, a mysterious shadow creature crashed the party, killing numerous guests and leaving Jake clinging to life. Kayla was kidnapped by the creature, and taken to Isobel’s base where Victoria possessed her. Elena and Alec were desperate to find her, and eventually found her. After a brutal fight, they managed to extract Victoria from their daughter’s body. This also happened to restore her memories of the supernatural, but she didn’t recall any of the events leading up to the wedding. She was soon Marked after she was freed from Vicki’s possession, and her husband informed her that Alec had wiped her memories before they got married. Kayla fiercely confronted him about this, and they evaded each other for a time.

She turned to Jake for comfort after this, as all faith in her father had been destroyed. In tears, she confessed to him that she only trusted him. In hopes of winning the war, Jake fused her with Project Prometheus----a skin-graft that gave the wearer superhuman abilities. Kayla used these powers to her advantage and tried to take Aisha’s life. They engaged in a fierce fight, and Alec managed to prevent Aisha from strangling her to death.

Not long after this, Kayla and Alec were visited by Elena, who possessed Aisha. They were taken to her tombstone, and Elena finally moved on after sharing her final kiss with Alec. Kayla was soon forced to rendezvous with Isobel, as she’d threatened to stake her father. When they met, after an intense verbal brawl about the coming apocalypse, they ended up in a fight. Kayla managed to win by knocking her out with a box on the desk, but picked up the ring inside of it out of curiosity, and was transported a year into the future. Approximately five weeks later, she returned with no recollection of her trip except of a vivid dream.

However, she was soon possessed by Victoria and, in an intense fight, was killed by Aisha. She was mysteriously resurrected, and overheard that she was just a pawn in Jake’s plans. After this, she confronted Jake about this and began to assault him, thus ending their marriage. Tragically, she was captured and killed by Isobel not long after she began plotting her revenge. However, she was mysteriously resurrected once again---much to her father's delight. Much to the horror of Aisha and Alec, she'd become a vampire and had no humanity left. Kayla then forced Aisha to drink her blood, and then brutally snapped her neck, thus triggering the transition into a vampire. After Aisha died fighting Aria, she felt remorse and confessed that her humanity had seemingly left because she didn't know whose side she was on. Unbeknownst to anyone, she'd betrayed Isobel. As she was going out to the porch, she opened the door and Aria took her by surprise and staked her from a distance using a stake-gun. Kayla was last seen lifeless on the floor with Alec sobbing next to her body.


Kayla’s romance with Jake greatly reflected on her personality, and she also inherited her mother’s vicious streak. She was caring, and almost her mother’s equal in personality. When she was fused with Project Prometheus, her anger was amplified and she mercilessly attacked Jake when she learned of his lies, showing that she was just as ruthless as her ex-husband. Eventually, when she came back as a vampire, she showed no care for humans or her loved ones, taking sadistic pleasure into causing them pain, as when she turned Aisha into a vampire, which devastated Alec. Later on, she became her old self and she and her father repaired their relationship.

Physical Appearance

Kayla had olive toned skin and long black hair, while being 5'7". She was eventually Marked; having a sapphire crescent on her forehead and swirly, lacelike designs framing her face with matching Marks that interspersed with mysterious rune-like symbols on her shoulders.

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