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The relationship between Alec Cullen and Elena Saunders is one of the most important yet dramatic relationships in the series. Alec became a part of her circle of allies when they were in high school, and their relationship has been spanned through much of the course of the novels and television series. It has also become the source of joy and heartbreak for both of them.

Their relationship is called Alecena by fans.


Elena and Alec first met during their senior year at high school, and for both of them, it was love at first sight. Alec was reluctant to tell her about his vampirism, and this caused minor tension in their friendship, as she demanded the truth. However, he was forced to tell her when he discovered she was investigating. At the same time, she was chosen as the Yin Warrior and he was the first to know. This led to their first kiss, foreshadowing their passionate but tragic romance. Elena abruptly departed Mystic Falls, but died in a horrific car wreck. Alec was saddened, but Damon Gonzalez turned her into a vampire without his knowledge. She was grateful, but Damon soon began flirting. Elena initially rejected his advances, and continued her blossoming romance with Alec, who was assisting her in fulfilling her destiny. He was shocked when he saw that she was alive, but relieved at the same time.

Unbeknownst to him, she was also developing secret feelings for Damon. When he discovered this, he confronted her and she claimed that there was nothing between them. Alec was skeptic, but believed her. Their relationship was put on hold when she finally gave in to her feelings for Damon, and he walked in on a make-out session between Damon and Elena. He was furious and heartbroken, and reluctantly ended their relationship. Things took a turn for the worse when Damon proposed, and she accepted. Alec confronted her, demanding why she'd marry Damon, and she fiercely said that she was in love with him. He was devastated when he learned that she was pregnant and watched as she and Damon exchanged vows on their wedding day, as he'd believed that she would abandon Damon at the altar. Despite this, he attempted to repair their relationship when he learned that she’d lost the baby but took her to the hospital when he found her bleeding and unconscious from a brutal attack by Vicki. Elena was stunned when she learned that her pregnancy was faked, and informed him about this.

Alec was shocked, but intent on reigniting their relationship. Elena agreed, and they passionately kissed, thus repairing their relationship. He forgave her for marrying Damon, but was unaware that Lionel Gonzalez had threatened to kill him. They made love for the first time, but Elena discovered she resembled an old flame of his, Aria Pierce. Confused and heartbroken, she left when Alec went to get her something to drink as she was exhausted. He soon told her that she was adopted, which left her speechless. She then ended her marriage to Damon and decided to leave Mystic Falls forever. Unfortunately, she was soon killed in a car bomb. After learning of Elena’s death, Alec was sent into a distressed fury and wanted revenge for the woman he loved.

He continued to mourn for Elena, even after he learned Lionel’s reasons why he blackmailed her into the marriage. Later, Elena was revealed to be alive and she confessed that she tried to set up Damon for her murder. She and Alec then chose to forget their past mistakes and pursue their relationship. They then consummated their relationship for a second time, resulting in Elena becoming pregnant soon after their engagement. She almost died during labor, but he delivered the baby and saved her life. They christened their dhampyre daughter Mikayla, and lived in harmony for several months, in which she rapidly aged into a teenager, staying that way forever. This happiness was soon cut short when Victoria declared open war.

The Cullens, with their Resistance made of several fighters, clashed against Vicki in an epic battle. Elena fought alongside her lover, and her relationship with Alec seemingly met its end when she was tragically killed by Vicki. However, she sent Vicki to another world by using the Book of Rao. Elena kissed Alec one last time, and died of her injuries in his arms.

Post Mortem

Alec grieved for Elena for almost a year after her death, and he felt guilty as, although they’d professed their love many times, she never learned the extent of his love for her. Elena soon resurfaced, using his best friend Aisha Guevara, as her vessel. He was overjoyed and they resumed their relationship, despite his growing feelings for Aisha. She later told him that she returned because that Victoria had also returned with a vengeance. When Alec was kidnapped by the police when the device was activated, Elena rescued him. Sometime after this, they spent the night at Alec’s house. Their relationship fell apart when he claimed that she and Aisha were friends, as she was concerned about their relationship status. She knew this was a lie, and was brokenhearted as well as furious. In a tearful and intense argument, she confessed that she came back for him before ending their marriage. They fought together against Vicki, but this wasn’t enough to fix things between them. Elena left Aisha’s body for several weeks, but then returned as she decided to move on. She and Alec kissed for a final time, ending their relationship on good terms, before she left the world forever. However, this wasn't the last of Elena that Alec would see. He visited her grave, tearfully admitting that it was time he let her go, and her spirit manifested in front of him, making it clear that she was still in love with him, even in death.

They nearly kissed, but it was his lingering feelings for her that made him reciprocate. They shared a passionate goodbye kiss, and Elena forever left Alec.

Love Themes

  • I Won’t Cry by Janel Parrish
  • My Immortal by Evanescence
  • Run by Leona Lewis
  • A Love Before Time by CoCo Lee
  • A Little's Enough by Angels and Airwaves
  • Missing by Evanescence
  • Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne
  • Perfect by Michelle Featherstone
  • Dear John by Taylor Swift
  • White Horse by Taylor Swift

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