Elena Saunders


Alec Cullen (ex-husband), Katrina Saunders (adoptive mother, deceased), Jared Saunders (adoptive father, deceased), Isobel Mallory (biological mother), Kayla Cullen (daughter, deceased), Damon Gonzalez (ex-husband), Jake Gonzalez (son-in-law), Victoria Mallory (sister, deceased), Bellatrix Mallory (sister, deceased), Trinity Saunders (sister, deceased) Aria Pierce (ancestor), Eli Saunders (adoptive uncle/biological father), Aisha Guevara (cousin)


Member of the Resistance



Powers and Abilities

Telekinesis, telepathy, lie-sensory, skilled martial artist, affinity for all the elements, computer genius, possession


Deceased (The Final Battle)

Cause of Death

Severe injuries

Killed By

Victoria Mallory

Played By

Nina Dobrev

Elena Saunders was Aleksandr Cullen’s first true love and Damon Gonzalez’s ex-wife. She was chosen as the Yin Warrior in the middle of 2153, and was killed in the midst of the final battle. Elena resided in the town of Mystic Falls, where she met and fell madly in love with Alec, a centuries years-old vampire. Since then, she had to deal with many murders, lies, and secrets in her life. When Vicki started a war, she formed the Resistance and became their information broker, Watchtower. She used the Book of Rao to send Vicki to another plane of existence shortly before she died. Her role as Watchtower would eventually be passed on to her daughter.

Early Life

Her adoptive parents were murdered by Victoria Mallory when she was an infant, and she was raised by her aunt Anya. It was revealed that it was Alec who had saved her from her burning house after her parents died. In her parents’ wills, her mother left her the Book of Rao, which would play a key role later on in her life. Elena was devastated when she learned off the news channel that her parents had been murdered, and she swore revenge. She then had herself highly trained in martial arts, eventually earning herself a ninth-degree black belt.


Elena was a student at Mystic Falls High, and there she met Alec Cullen. Shortly after meeting him, she started to fall for him as he was falling for her. She and Alec eventually began a relationship, which was put on hold when she found out that he was a vampire and that she was supposed to save the world from her enemy
Elena confrontation

Elena confronts Alec after she discovers he is a vampire.

and supposedly best friend, Victoria. She was kidnapped soon after by some of Vicki’s Death Eaters, but escaped with the help of Annabelle Johnson, a friend of Alec’s. Some time after spending the night with Alec, she discovered that she had an uncanny resemblance to Aria Pierce, a woman from his past. She was confused after this, and she soon learned that she was adopted.
Elena aria photo

Elena is devastated when she finds Alec's photo of Aria.

Elena was soon forced to leave Mystic Falls after an intense fight with
Elena vs. Vicki

Vicki attacks Elena, thus revealing her true nature.

Vicki, but was killed in the process when her vehicle collided with a bus. She was presumed dead, but Damon Gonzalez took her body and fed her his blood before killing her again, thus turning her into a vampire. He eventually started advancing on her after she completed the transition, and they began a romantic relationship. However, this severely strained her relationship with Alec, who began a relationship with Anna partly out of retaliation and hopes that she would get jealous and want to get back with him. Damon soon proposed her hand in marriage, yet Elena still needed time to think due to the speed that their relationship was going. After a while, she accepted and they took the next step in their relationship. She
Elena after breakup

Elena is heartbroken after ending her relationship with Alec, despite her relationship with Damon.

eventually found out that she was pregnant, much to her surprise and Damon’s delight. Alec was heartbroken and furious when he learned that they were engaged, and fiercely confronted her about it, giving her a choice between himself and Damon. She was torn between them, and ended her relationship with Alec seemingly for good.

On the day of her wedding, she realized that she had lingering feelings for Alec and wasn’t going to go through with the marriage. Damon’s father, Lionel, eventually stepped in and told her that if she didn’t marry Damon, he would kill Alec. Trapped, Elena married Damon after all. Approximately a week after their marriage, she collapsed in pain and passed out. When she was conscious, her husband was forced to tell her that she had suffered complications and miscarried the baby, leaving her devastated.

Elena was soon attacked by Vicki, being shoved down two flights of stairs and going through a window. Alec went to visit her and offer his condolences about her miscarriage in an attempt to repair their relationship, but found her unconscious and took her to the Mystic Falls Hospital. There, she received shocking news: Damon had been injecting her with synthetic hormones in order to make her believe she was pregnant so she would marry him. After this discovery, Elena began to harbor a deep, dark secret hatred for her husband. She then decided to keep the fact that she knew about the faked pregnancy a secret, and maintained the façade of a loving wife. Later on, in a dialogue filled with double and secret meanings, she told Damon that she didn’t want to lie anymore, but believed that he had their lives planned as parents, pretending everything was fine, and knew on instinct that something was wrong with the baby. She pointedly told him that if someone lied to her like that, they would lose her love forever. Even as Elena hugged Damon, she unearthed her detestation for him.

She turned to Lionel and demanded answers. He refused to cooperate, and
Car explosion

Elena is seemingly killed in an explosion.

Elena threatened to tell Damon that she knew about the fake baby. Lionel simply remarked that she had embraced what it meant to be a Gonzalez, enraging her. She pressed him further, and he told her that he was using her to get information about Damon’s mysterious activities, as her husband happened to be Vicki’s assistant. Shocked, she harshly accused Damon of orchestrating a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him. The argument was intense, and soon turned physical when he slapped her. Elena told him that their marriage was over, and said that Alec meant more to her than Damon ever would, and that he would have to kill her in order to keep her. After this, she went to Alec and told him that she had left Damon and leaving Mystic Falls. Alec was stunned, but intent on restarting their relationship as Anna had left town for a while. She was next seen running to her car, talking on her cell phone with Lionel and told him that she was leaving town. He watched in horror as her vehicle exploded, with her seemingly inside.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Elena had discovered that Damon had created Model 503, a clone of her. She used this knowledge to her advantage and worked out a complicated plan: she’d provoked her discussion with Damon so she had the perfect alibi and made Lionel believe she really was leaving Mystic Falls to avoid suspicion and to have a potential witness for everything that would happen. Elena put the Model 503 in her car, and blew it up in front of Lionel, making it appear that Damon had murdered her. However, before this, she'd somehow became human again.

Shortly after her reported death, Elena was seen in alive in hiding in Tokyo, wearing a blonde wig and going under the alias of Emma Stewart. Nobody was aware of her faked death, but Damon believed that she was still alive. He travelled to Tokyo, and found Elena in a hotel. She congratulated him on figuring out her plan, and held him at gunpoint. Despite his actions, she was unable to kill him. Damon informed her that she could return to Mystic Falls and he would take care of everything for her. Elena took up her ex-husband’s offer and returned to Mystic Falls, meeting Alec at his house. He was shocked to see her alive, but delighted at the same time. The two of them reignited their relationship, and she stayed at his house until her name could be cleared.

Elena was increasingly consumed with vengeful feelings towards Damon and Lionel Gonzalez, which she hid from Alec. When she was tasked with stopping Vicki from launching nuclear missiles, she took her fury out on her during their fight. Alec was concerned about this, but she claimed that she was fine. When Vicki’s plans went on hiatus, Alec proposed to her. She didn’t like the idea of marriage due to her turbulent relationship with Damon, but accepted. The fiancées then made love for the first time, and Elena ended up pregnant. She was

Elena and Alec make love after she accepts his marriage proposal.

relieved this time, because she knew that the pregnancy was real. However, the baby was killing her due to it being half-vampire. Vicki resurfaced and attempted to assassinate Elena, but it was Alec’s intervention that saved her life. The two of them eventually got married soon after this incident. Elena became deathly sick when she was 5 months pregnant, and she was soon forced to drink blood in order to satisfy her baby’s craving for blood. She suddenly went into a violent labor, and Alec was forced to give her some of his blood to keep her heart beating. She lost massive amounts of blood, and the hardened placenta detached. Her husband delivered the baby, and single-handedly saved her life.

Elena and Alec found that their child was a girl and named her Mikayla, calling her Kayla for short. Within
Elena and Aria

Elena and Aria meet.


Elena defeats Vicki by using the Book of Rao, sending her to another plane of existence.

weeks, Kayla aged into a teenager, staying that way forever due to her being a human-vampire hybrid. Not long after this, Elena and Aria met and Vicki launched a full-scale attack on the world, beginning a war. Elena formed a large group, the Resistance, and led it with her lover and daughter. An epic battle ensued when the Resistance fought against
Elena death

Elena dies in Alec's arms.

Vicki’s armies, and Elena fought Vicki in a brutal hand-to-hand and elemental fight. Elena was beaten to the brink of death, but used the Book of Rao to send
Final battle

Vicki rages a destructive war.

Vicki to another world. She survived her fatal injuries long enough to share her final words with Alec. Despite her death, the Resistance won the battle and the war. Kayla and Alec were devastated by her death, and attended her funeral.

Post Mortem

Approximately a year after her death, she resurfaced and used Alec’s friend, Aisha Guevara, as her vessel. Elena told Alec that she came back for him, and they continued their passionate romance. She informed Kayla about her return, which shocked her. On Founder’s Day, the device was activated and Alec was rounded up to be burned alive in her father’s old office. Elena heard of this and managed to save him. Later, when she and Alec were about to make love, she noticed that Aisha had feelings for him and he had feelings for her as well. Elena was brokenhearted and infuriated. She divorced Alec in a heated argument, which destroyed their relationship. After this, she left Aisha’s body for a week. Not long after this, Elena decided to move on. She and Alec shared their final kiss, ending their relationship on a good note, before she left him---and the world--- presumably forever.

However, when Alec visited her grave to say his final goodbye, her spirit appeared to him, proving that their love was so strong that they were eternally bonded and that she was unable to move on because she still loved him, despite the fact that Alec was in love with another woman. They shared a romantic moment, and Alec struggled to cope with his passionate love for Aisha and his lingering love for Elena. He gave in to his feelings and they passionately kissed. She smiled at him, and was finally able to move on.


Due to her life-changing destiny, Elena became headstrong and somewhat impulsive. She also showed a vengeful streak when the Gonzalezes faked her pregnancy and when she learned that Vicki killed her adoptive parents. Also, she has been shown to have a short temper. Elena was very close to Alec, and was willing to go to extreme lengths to protect him. She was also vicious; when she learned about what the Gonzalezes were doing to her, she retaliated with both violence and theft. Despite this, she was willing to sacrifice herself for her loved ones and had a deep love for Alec and her daughter.

Elena also valued trust in a relationship; her love for Damon was intensified by her strong belief he was always honest with her, and she was irate when she discovered his lies. Despite this, she was selfless and kind. She was desperate to protect her loved ones, especially Alec and Kayla, leading the Resistance in the war against Vicki.

Physical Appearance

Elena had long, waist-length brown hair and chestnut eyes while she was also described as having an eerie resemblance to Aria Pierce. She was about 5'4", shorter by a few inches than Aria. However, her hair was also a few shades lighter and her skin was darker than her doppelganger's.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ninth-Degree Black Belt in Karate - Elena immersed herself into intense and extensive martial arts training after she learned that her adoptive parents had been murdered. She has been shown to be a capable hand-to-hand combatant, and has been in many fights.
  • Lie Sensory - Her birth parents had special abilities, and she inherited the ability to detect truths and lies.
  • Affinity for All the Elements - As she was the Yin Warrior, she was able to manifest all five elements: water, earth, fire, air, and spirit.
  • Telekinesis - Elena also possessed the ability to move objects with her mind. She used this on several occasions.
  • Telepathy - Elena, along with her ex-husband, was able to mentally communicate. This was used when they were separated from each other.


Elena and Alec - Details on their tragic romance.

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