Aria Pierce (Arianna Petrova)
Aria P


Unnamed parents (deceased), Elena Saunders (descendant, deceased), Isobel Mallory (relative), Victoria Mallory (relative, deceased), Trinity Saunders (descendant, deceased), Bellatrix Mallory (descendant, deceased), Kayla Cullen (descendant, deceased), Aisha Guevara (reincarnation), Shira Ramirez (daughter)


Isobel Mallory's assistant



Transfiguration Date

1392 (approximately)

Significant Sires

Alec Cullen, Takeda Cullen

Significant Kills

Kayla Cullen



Played By

Nina Dobrev

Early Life

Aria Pierce, born Arianna Petrova, was turned into a vampire by an unknown vampire in 1392. In 1864, she "fell in love" with Alec Cullen and Takeda Cullen. She planned to turn them into vampires, desperate to be with them forever, but they fought over her. Alec was making love to her when she revealed her vampiric nature and bit him. She then compelled him to not be afraid of her as well as not telling anyone, continuing their "romance." Takeda, however, witnessed her feeding on an innocent man, but this didn't change his feelings for her. Knowing that they loved her, she turned them both into vampires. Alec's rivalry with Takeda had a horrific end when he staked him in a jealous rage, wanting Aria to himself.

After this, she left Mystic Falls in fear of being discovered by the townspeople. She later gave birth to Shira Ramirez after some months and turned her into a vampire in 1883 before abandoning her, leaving her daughter unaware of her father's identity.


Aria returned to Mystic Falls on Founder's Day, pretending to be Elena, claiming that she'd regained her physical form. She distracted Alec, and attempted to stake him. However, she was discovered by Kayla, and fled after an intense confrontation. Her whereabouts remained unknown, but at some point she began working for Isobel and Vicki Mallory, during which she met her doppelganger, Elena. She reappeared to Aisha and Alec, not long after Aisha had completed her transition into a vampire.

Alec begged her to spare Aisha, but she'd taken away his lapis lazuli ring and Aisha's medallion, intending to burn them alive. Aisha managed to free herself and seemingly killed Aria, who'd escaped and retrieved her necklace. She believed Aisha to be dead, and later staked Kayla Cullen, telling Aisha in a phone call that she'd be in for a hell of a life if she didn't give her the witch's talisman she was wearing. Unbeknownst to her, Aisha and Alec plotted to kill her at the masquerade ball. She was caught by surprise by Alec and Bella, and they had an intense fight. It ended when Jasmine, Aria's "friend," who turned out to be a witch, reported that she hadn't obtained the talisman, and Jasmine incapacitated Aria when she realized that she didn't tell her that another witch was involved in the search for the talisman. Alec then knocked her unconscious and placed her in the tomb of Fells' Church.

While there, she desperately tried to reason with Alec not to imprison her, but he wouldn't hear of it. He closed the door as she screamed that Aisha needed to be protected, and broke down crying after she was shut in.


Aria seems to have a cold disregard for human life, and has stated herself that they "are nothing but toys to play with." She did not hesitate before killing Kayla, the daughter of her former "lover," and used the facade of a fun-loving, innocent girl in order to seduce the Cullen brothers into falling in love with her. As mentioned by Alec to Elena, she is incapable of love and knows only one thing: survival. She is also deeply manipulative and has on multiple occasions used her compulsion on various people to do her work, including Takeda and Alec before they became vampires.

Despite Alec's claims that she isn't able to love, Aria has been revealed to truly be in love with him and is desperate to be with him. She tried to split up Aisha and him, eventually succeeding. Also, she has a deep hatred for Aisha and Elena, mainly due to their romances with Alec. Her cold attitude doesn't apply just to humans; she doesn't care about anyone, with the exception of Alec, but herself. However, despite her merciless personality, she has some form of compassion towards her doppelganger, showing that there is still some humanity deep down inside.

She is also marked as one of the series' cruelest characters. After she was turned into a vampire, she began hunting humans in a horrific and sadistic fashion, usually giving her victims a long and painful death after stalking them. This reflected on her attempt on both Alec and Aisha's lives, taking away their lapis lazuli jewelry, which enabled vampires to walk in the sun, with the intention of burning them alive. When she first met Elena, Elena was infuriated and disgusted by her lifestyle and her attitude towards everyone. In addition to her cruelty, she is also easy to anger. After Alec told her that he hated her, she retaliated by impaling him in the chest with a metal rod, although she had intended for the wound to incapacitate him, not kill him. When she was imprisoned in the tomb, she showed a soft and vulnerable side to her, tearfully begging Alec to free her.

Physical Appearance

Aria has been described as being Elena Saunders' doppelganger: brown hair and chestnut eyes. Unlike Elena, she has a lighter complexion and her hair is a darker shade of brown, and is about 5'8". 

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