"I pray that someday you find what it is that makes you happy." - April Lauren to Alec Cullen.

April Lauren


Unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed father, Zoe Lauren (sister), Alison Lauren (cousin)


Student, actress (Mystic Falls High School)





Cause of Death

Vehicle flipped multiple times

Played By

Ellen Woglom

Early Life

April Lauren was born in Minnesota in 2138 and raised there with her older sister, Zoe, for the first 16 years of her life, but their mother died in a horseback riding accident. In an attempt to rebuild their lives, she, Zoe, and their father moved to Mystic Falls in hopes of rebuilding their lives.


April was the popular girl in high school, and she caught the attention of Alec Cullen when they shared their
April Lauren

Love at first sight

April and Alec

April meets Alec.

first gaze at one another. They fell in love with each other at first sight and began a romantic relationship after skirting around their feelings for each other. She gave him her bracelet, telling him to give it to the girl he was destined to be with, and
Alec and april

Alec and April lean in to kiss.

supported him when he auditioned for the school's modernized rendition of Romeo and Juliet as Romeo and she Juliet, and he won the role. Initially, she believed that she was Alec’s soulmate, although she knew deep down that they were not meant to be together. Alec didn’t share this belief despite his intense love for her, but didn't have the courage to tell her his true feelings and that he was a vampire.


April watches Alec's audition.

Later on after this, April confronted him, knowing that he was keeping something from her. She demanded the truth, but the effort proved fruitless when Alec denied he was keeping secrets from her. This devastated her, and she believed that they weren't going to be able to sustain their relationship. She spoke to her counselor about this, and learned that some secrets were better off kept. This only intensified her determination to find out his secret, as she thought that once she knew his secret, they could get their romance back on track.

After several weeks of research, she was unable to find anything that would allude to his secret and gave him one more chance to be honest with her. She was dismayed when he did not open up to her, and finally gave up the hope of having an honest relationship.

Distraught, April drove home, but due to a mysterious EMP blast, her vehicle flipped several times and she was instantly killed.
April car wreck

April's vehicle is caught in the EMP explosion, ending in tragedy.

Alec learned of her death from a news channel, and was devastated. He feared that April’s last thoughts were that he didn’t love or trust her, and

Alec finds closure with April's death.

was overcome with guilt and grief for

several days. After coming to terms with her death some time after her funeral and burial, he departed Mystic Falls for Shanghai, feeling that it would be easier to live without the nostalgia and pain of losing the woman he loved. Her father and Zoe once again moved, this time to Japan for the same reason Alec did.


Nothing much is known about April’s personality before her mother’s death, but she was very down-to-earth, compassionate, and cheerful. At first, she was very quiet and melancholy due to the untimely death of her mother. After she met Alec, she began to become more outgoing and gradually became happier.

When she realized that Alec was lying to her, she showed a fierce side and demanded the truth, as she never lied to him. Nonetheless, she was passionately in love with Alec. Like Elena, she greatly cherished trust in a relationship and was crestfallen when he constantly lied to her. She also had a reporter's intuition: when she learned that Alec was hiding something from her, she was determined to find out his secret, although she harbored a strong respect for people's private lives. In addition, she preferred to confront people head-on instead of bottling up her emotions. Despite her kindness and compassion, she had often expressed her fear of those who had special abilities due to a metahuman's involvement in her mother's death. This convinced Alec more than ever that he could not tell her that he was a vampire.

As a result of her mother's death, she wore her emotions close to the surface, sometimes regretfully taking out her anger on people, but she immediately apologized. However, she confessed to her best friend, Maria, that if Alec had special abilities, it wouldn't change her feelings for him--showing that she loved Alec unconditionally.

Physical Appearance

April was about 5"6', and had shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes that resembled the ocean's color. She was always seen wearing her beaded necklace, which she wore out of memory of her mother.

Relationship with Alec Cullen

"What are you so afraid of? It's me, I'm right here. I just want to hear you say it. Just say it. You know after all that time it's the least I deserve." - April

Alec and April didn’t have an official meeting, but they first learned about each other when they shared a glance at each other. They eventually met during their drama class, and a friendship quickly developed. Alec later confronted his feelings for her and they shared a passionate kiss. Later, April gave him her bracelet, telling him to give it to his soulmate, who he’d meet later on that year. When he auditioned for the school's remake of Romeo and Juliet, she watched the audition. Their relationship was strained when they argued about Alec’s dishonesty. After a period of distance, she gave him one more chance to tell her the truth, but he lied to her again.

Heartbroken, April drove to her house, knowing that the man she loved would never trust her. Tragically, there was a sudden EMP explosion and she was caught in the middle of it. Her vehicle overturned and tossed numerous times, killing her. Alec learned of her death when watching the news, and was grief-stricken. He believed that her last thoughts before she died were that he didn't trust her with his secret nor truly love her. 

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