Alec and Aisha

Alec Cullen and Aisha Guevara promo shot

The relationship between Aisha Guevara and Alec Cullen has progressed throughout the series. This fated relationship began during the final battle when they fought together against Vicki Mallory. Despite Aisha being an assassin working for Vicki, their relationship quickly blossomed from initially enemies, close friends, and finally lovers.

Their relationship is usually called Alaisha by fans.


Alec and Aisha first met after he murdered Bellatrix Mallory in a grief-stricken rage over Elena Saunders' death. They quickly became friends, and she was there for Alec when she learned Elena was killed. It soon became clear that their destines were more intertwined than they realized, but they were unaware of this for some time. Alec’s daughter, Kayla, half-jokingly commented that they masked their feelings with sarcasm due to the fact that they lived under the same roof for such a long time.

Their relationship was strained when Alec began to suspect Aisha was hiding something from him. In the midst of a heated argument between them, Kayla blurted to them that she knew that Aisha was an assassin working for Isobel. Aisha and Alec got into a heated argument about this, during which she confessed that she turned
Aleksandr Cullen

Alec is stunned when he learns Aisha is an assassin.

against Isobel not long after the War. However, she kept her feelings for him well-hidden. During the reception

Alec offers Aisha a slow-dance during Kayla's wedding reception.

of Kayla’s wedding to Jake Gonzalez, they shared flirty moments and almost kissed during a slow dance. They were interrupted by a mysterious shadow creature, which killed and injured numerous guests before kidnapping Kayla and Elena, who used her as her vessel, intervened to try to stop the creature. These events left her devastated, but she assisted Alec in his search for his daughter, who was possessed by Victoria. They exorcised her from her body after an intense fight, and their feelings were becoming more evident.

While spending time with Alec, it was revealed that Alec was in love with Aisha. He denied this, but this ended up destroying his relationship with Elena. A furious and heartbroken Elena released Aisha from her control, and Alec’s divorce with Elena made him confront his feelings for Aisha. She eventually revealed that she was a human-avian hybrid and this didn’t change his feelings for her. This led to their first kiss, foretelling their passionate and destined romance.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of pursuing a relationship with Alec, Aisha left town for a week, claiming to find out what Isobel was up to. She returned and initiated a long kiss right after she came back, choosing to give their relationship a chance. Their relationship was tested when they discovered that Kayla had been killed; Alec assumed that it was his daughter’s ex-husband, Jake, while she believed it was the work of Isobel. She was eventually proved correct when Jacob revealed that Isobel ordered Kayla to be killed, and that he was manipulating Isobel throughout his marriage to Kayla. Unfortunately for the couple, Isobel kidnapped Aisha and put a virus in her blood that would kill Alec at physical contact.

Despite this, Alec was furious towards Jake as he let his daughter believe her husband didn’t love her. He gave in to his natural craving for human blood and mercilessly attacked him. Aisha managed to stop his assault, saying that he’d regret killing him. He was wracked with guilt, but she helped him through this difficult time and

Alec proposes Aisha's hand in marriage.

began consuming vervain, which would fight off the virus. Later on, he proposed her hand in marriage, which she immediately accepted.

Unbeknownst to Alec, she'd met a man named Zhuang Hsu, who'd helped her. Not long after this, Kayla resurrected with no humanity. She gave Aisha her blood and brutally snapped her neck in front of Alec's eyes, thus triggering her transformation into a vampire. He was devastated, but he helped her adjust to her vampirism. Aria Pierce abducted them after Aisha had completed the transition into a vampire, taking their lapis lazuli jewelry away from them with the intention of burning them alive. Aisha managed to wrench herself free and tackled their captor. Both of them fell into a patch of sunlight, but she managed to tear off Aria's lapis lazuli medallion. She died from the exposure, but she managed to survive long enought to say farewell to Alec. He was upset by her death, but he was shocked when she resurrected, although she was more than human. Unbeknownst to them, Aria had managed to get her medallion back on and flee the scene. They then professed their love for each other, but they were unaware that Isobel had created a clone of Aisha--Aisha II, who was watching their every move.

After Aisha had escaped her captivity and fought her clone, they resumed their relationship, although she was infuriated that he hadn't known that he hadn't figured out the clone wasn't her. She believed that she had to be able to live up to his standards while he thought she wished he was someone else. This severely strained their relationship, and they avoided each other for a time. However, when Alec discovered that Kayla had been staked, he was distraught. Aisha sympathized with him, and consoled him, bringing them closer and repairing their relationship. She soon was blackmailed by Aria into giving her the witch's talisman she was wearing, and they orchestrated a plan to kill Aria once and for all. After mapping out their plan, they then attended Kayla's funeral.
Alaisha funeral

Alec holds Alec's hand at Kayla's funeral.

However, Aisha was still upset about the incident about her clone. She and Alec ended up in a heated dispute, which ended with her stating that Aria's plan in tearing them apart had succeeded, and then broke off their engagement. They shared a passionate kiss, and a heartbroken Aisha departed in tears, leaving a distressed Alec alone.

Alec, wanting Aisha to live a normal life, dropped by her house and tearfully compelled her to forget what he was and that the supernatural even existed, with success, feeling that she never could be normal. However, he also compelled her into believing they were never engaged and that she'd ended their relationship due to his dishonesty about his vampirism. He then invited her to the Gonzalezes' annual masquerade ball, and she said yes. However, he stood her up and she attended the ball by herself. She overheard the fight between Alec, Bella and Aria upstairs and was demanded the truth from Alec. He was forced to lie to her, and she questioned their relationship, saying that she was stupid to love him, severely straining their relationship. This made him initiate a passionate kiss, but she pulled away, making it clear that she wouldn't be with him until he was honest with her.

Unfortunately, when Aisha had been kidnapped by Shira Ramirez, she was compelled into trying to kill Alec. She almost succeeded, and this ultimately destroyed their relationship. He harshly rebuked her after getting through to her and ordered her to leave his life. She was heartbroken, but when he learned the truth, he tried to
Alec and bella

After confessing his doubts about trusting Aisha with his secret and his relationship with her, a devastated Alec cries on Bella's shoulder after she leaves his life.

apologize to her when she was prepared to leave. In the middle of an intense argument, Aisha cruelly told him that she was a fool to believe he could understand her and when he told her that he loved her, she slapped him before telling him that nothing was to be worked out, and departed.

Alec tearfully confessed to Bella that he tried to make Aisha's life normal, but learned from her that she never could live a regular life. Not long after she left, Aisha remembered the truth behind why she'd attempted to kill Alec and looked up vampires on the internet, learning everything about them. Realizing this didn't change her feelings for him, she visited him and they shared an emotional reunion, sharing a passionate kiss. She explained why she came back, and he proposed. Aisha accepted, and they later wed.

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