Aleksandr Cullen


Elena Saunders (ex-wife, deceased), Kayla Cullen (daughter, deceased), Shira Ramirez (daughter), Aisha Guevara (wife), Kara Cullen (cousin, deceased), Takeda Cullen (brother, deceased)


Leader of the Resistance



Transfiguration Date

1864 by Aria Pierce

Significant Kills

Takeda Cullen



Played By

Tom Welling

Early Life

Aleksandr "Alec" Cullen was born sometime in 1847 to an unnamed father and mother in Mystic Falls. He was close with his older brother, Takeda Cullen, in their human lives until they were put to the test by the vampire Arianna Petrova. When she was being taken to Fells’ Church to be burned alive, he and Takeda managed to save her.

However, both of them had her blood in their systems and they were shot by their father while trying to escape. After he and his brother completed the transition into vampires, their relationship was destroyed and Alec ended up staking Takeda in a jealous rage. Sometime after Takeda's death, several women were accused of witchcraft--including Aisha's ancestor, Emily. They were burned at the stake, and Alec abruptly left Mystic Falls, afraid that his vampirism would be discovered.

Several years after this, in 2138, Alec returned to town and soon became romantically involved with a teen girl named April Lauren. Their romance was complicated, due to Alec’s vampirism and reluctance to tell April about his true feelings. It was tragically cut short when April was killed in a car accident, and he resided in Shanghai, China for months.


Approximately 5 months after April’s death, Alec returned to Mystic Falls when he learned of Elena Saunders. He was surprised when he saw that she resembled Aria, and strongly attracted to her. The two of them gradually fell in love, which was put on hold to due Elena’s destiny as the Yin Warrior. She soon left Mystic Falls, but died in a car accident when her vehicle slammed into a bus. Alec was devastated, but was unaware that Damon Gonzalez had retrieved Elena’s body and turned her into a vampire. Some time after this, he and Elena spent the night together, but she discovered one of his antique photos of Aria. This caused a rift in their relationship, and he informed Elena that she was adopted.

His relationship with Elena was strained to the brink when he caught her kissing Damon. They initially avoided each other, and he was shocked when he learned that Elena was pregnant with Damon’s child. Soon after, she and Damon became engaged. Alec fiercely confronted Elena about this, and she ended her relationship with him, much to his dismay. When he learned of her miscarriage, Alec attempted to repair their relationship but found Elena bleeding and unconscious after a surprise ambush by Victoria Mallory. When she was awake, he offered his condolences. They almost kissed, but were interrupted by a doctor who told Elena that she was never pregnant. When Elena told Alec about this, they restarted their romance in secret while she maintained the façade of an unsuspecting fiancée. However, on the day of the wedding, Elena was blackmailed into marrying Damon by Lionel Gonzalez when she was starting to have second thoughts. He was stunned and dejected as he watched as she and Damon exchanged vows.

Alec was unaware of why Elena had married Damon for several weeks, until she told him a week after the wedding. This enraged Alec, and he attempted to kill Lionel. He failed and overwhelmed with guilt when he realized that Lionel was on his side and that Elena was getting information for him. Elena eventually met him in his house, telling him that she was leaving Damon and Mystic Falls. He went to apologize for trying to kill him, but Lionel was forced to tell him that Elena had died in a car bomb while trying to leave town. Alec was devastated, and went after Damon, who was soon arrested for her murder. A week after his arrest, Alec was shocked to be approached by Elena. They shared a passionate kiss. Elena explained that she faked her death in order to get out of her marriage with Damon, and Alec offered her refuge. They rekindled their relationship, but Elena was filled with vengeful feelings towards the Gonzalezes. Alec confronted her about this, but she brushed it off. He eventually proposed, and she accepted. They consummated their relationship, and Elena soon became pregnant.

However, this pregnancy greatly endangered her life. When Elena went into labor, Alec was forced to give her some of his blood and deliver the baby. The baby happened to be a girl, and they christened her Mikayla. She aged into a teenager in a matter of weeks, and they began their lives in peace after they got married. Unfortunately, this serenity was interrupted when Vicki began a destructive war. The family led the Resistance and fought in the final battle against Vicki’s dark forces. Alec managed to destroy many of the Death Eaters’ gunships.

Sadly, Elena was killed fighting Vicki but managed to defeat her by using the Book of Rao. She and Alec shared their final kiss before she died, and he was heartbroken by her death. In a grief-stricken fury, he attacked one of the Death Eaters’ gunships and killed Vicki’s sister, Bellatrix. Her elder sister, Aisha Guevara, turned against her deceased relatives and fought the other Death Eaters. After the war was over, the survivors on the Resistance’s side attended Elena’s funeral. Sometime after this, Alec discovered a DVD that Elena made, in which she told him that she'd realized that they weren't destined to be together, and realized this to be the heartbreaking truth, which was proved when she died.


Alec is selfless and is willing to go to great lengths to protect his loved ones. His relationship with April showed a compassionate side to him, despite his turbulent past romance with Aria. Ironically, he highly requires trust in his relationships despite his dishonesty about his vampirism.

He was desperate to keep his ex-wife and daughter from harm, but this was often used against him. When Elena began a romance with Damon, he was easily angered and even pursued a relationship with Anna in hopes to make Elena jealous, possibly because he knew of the Gonzalezes' manipulative ways. Also, his relationship with Aisha revealed that he is willing to give up everything, including his own life, to protect her.

Physical Appearance

Alec has short, black hair and stands at about 6'7", taller than Elena and just about the same hight as Aisha. Also, he has blue eys that are about the same shade as lapis lazulis.


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