Aisha Guevara


Adrianna Hernandez (biological mother), Damon Gonzalez (biological father), Isabella Hernandez (half-sister), Kayla Cullen (stepdaughter, deceased), Alec Cullen (husband), Aria Pierce (previous incarnation), Elena Saunders (cousin, deceased)


Former assassin


Human-avian hybrid

Powers and Abilities

Flight, skilled martial artist, expert swordswoman, clairvoyance, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, telekinesis, mental abilities



Played By

Amy Rose

Early Life

Aisha Guevara was kidnapped when she was only an infant and taken to a science lab by Victoria and Isobel, being grafted with avian and vampire DNA, thus granting her wings and immortality by the time she was sixteen. After this, she endured brutal and extensive combat training. She was plagued by a dangerous and sometimes fatal design flaw: a neurological disorder that resulted in random and violent seizures. During a sparring session with Victoria, she experienced her first seizure. Her creators were confused by this, but they knew how to save her. They gave her tryptophan to suppress the seizures, and she eventually became their assassin after years of training.

She was then assigned to kill Alec Cullen and his daughter, Kayla Cullen, which changed her life forever.


Aisha was fighting in the final battle when she witnessed Alec kill Bellatrix Mallory in a grief-stricken rage. She, somewhat angered by this, was tempted to kill him but chose to wait until the time was right. He told her about Elena's death, and she couldn't help but feel sorry for him, as she believed her own birth parents to be dead. Kayla was hostile towards her, but Alec insisted that she was fine. Aisha used this as an advantage, but his daughter soon provoked her after being fused with Project Prometheus. Kayla almost strangled her to death, but she was rescued by Alec. Unbeknownst to any of them, Kayla had done some research and discovered that their new "ally" was in reality one of Isobel's assassins.

Aisha and Alec got into a heated argument about this, but she didn't kill him. She then revealed that she turned against Isobel, showing some possible feelings for him. Alec was shocked by this, but trusted her enough not to throttle him in his sleep. Soon after he and Elena divorced, her romantic feelings for him were becoming more apparent. On the day of Kayla's wedding to Jake Gonzalez, she learned from her that Alec might be interested in her. She denied that there was anything romantic between the two of them, but during the wedding, he offered her a slow-dance and they almost kissed due to the tension. They were interrupted by a shadow creature's kidnapping of Kayla and killing of many guests, as well as Elena's intervention using Aisha as a vessel. After she was freed from Elena's control, she was devastated by these events as she was worried about Kayla while knowing full well that Alec would bounce back to Elena. At the hospital, she informed him that Jake was suffering from internal bleeding and was going to one of the world's top surgeons. She consoled him when he worried that he may not be able to save his daughter. Despite the fact that he still loved Elena, she felt sorry for him and supported him, although she envied Elena because she had Alec's affection.

After Elena and Alec divorced due to his growing feelings for Aisha, she began to advance on him although she was aware of his heartbreak. When he began to suspect that there was more to her than she was letting on, she finally revealed her wings and her dark past. This didn't change anything between them, which led to their first kiss. Aisha was overwhelmed by the idea of being in a relationship with Alec and left town, claiming to find out what Isobel was up to, but later changed her mind about this and initiated another kiss with him. She then came to the realization that Isobel would try to assassinate her for refusing to go through with killing Alec and, partially due to vengeful feelings, went after her "creator" to silence her once and for all. When she was on the verge of killing Isobel, Alec managed to reach out to her and stop her. However, she was soon abducted by Isobel and a virus was placed in her blood that would kill Alec if they ever made physical contact.

While on a flight, she suffered one of her seizures and was left with no alternative when she crossed paths with a human named Zhuang Hsu. She told him how to stop the seizure—by giving her a glass of milk—and was shocked when he seemed to show some signs of possible romantic feelings for her. He almost kissed her, but she rejected his advances that she was in love with someone else. Zhuang was upset, but let her go. Aisha then returned to Alec after drinking more vervain, which would fight off the virus, and he proposed her hand in marriage, which she accepted. Things grew complicated when Kayla was killed and resurrected. Due to this, she forcefully gave Aisha her blood and broke her neck in front of Alec. She awakened with an intense craving for blood, and almost killed Destiny while visiting her. This convinced her that her vampirism would only endanger her mortal loved ones, but gave in to the hunger when Alec gave her a blood bag from the blood bank. Aria, Elena's vampire doppelganger, soon kidnapped her and Alec. She'd taken their lapis lazuli jewelry with the intention of burning them alive. Aisha managed to free herself and attacked Aria, despite the cost to herself. They fell into the sunlight, but she managed to wrench off her medallion. Soon after, Aisha died from the prolonged exposure to the sun, much to Alec's devastation.

However, an unknown supernatural force brought her back to life, but she wasn't a vampire. She and Alec shared an emotional reunion, and they continued their romance. While sleeping with him, she saw a flash of blonde hair, but brushed it off as a hallucination from lack of rest. She was unnerved by this and was stunned to learn that the blonde hair belonged to her clone, Aisha II. In the middle of the night, Aisha was kidnapped by Isobel and her clone took her place. While she was held captive in a secret facility, she learned who her biological parents were and was stunned, because she viewed the Hernandezes as the only family she'd known. However, her resentment for the Gonzalezes grew when she learned that Damon was her father. She managed to escape the facility and was infuriated when she saw her clone with Alec, and she interrupted them.

Aisha II and her predecessor engaged in a brutal hand-to-hand fight, and were both evenly-matched. Aisha managed to get the upper hand and almost strangled her clone, but chose not to sink down to her "pathetic level." However, she threatened her clone, saying that if she ever got near her family again, she'd personally kill her. She and Alec got into a heated argument, as she was furious that he didn't know the clone wasn't her until she'd intervened and that he expected her to live up to his "self-righteous expectations." Alec pointed out that she wished he was someone else, which wasn't true. Heartbroken, she flew off to the Hernandez's house and reunited with her family in an attempt to escape her problems with her fiancé. After catching up with her mother and half-sister, she received a desperate text message from Alec. Concerned, she went to his house and was stunned when she saw that Kayla had been killed. She consoled a devastated Alec, rubbing his back affectionately as he cried. Not long after this, she received a call from Aria, blackmailing her into giving her the crystal, which turned out to be the witch's talisman Vicki had given her at a young age. She knew she didn't have a choice, due to the fact that Alec's life had been threatened, but she and Alec chose to come up with a plan to silence Aria, partially due to vengeful feelings. Enraged that Alec couldn't identify the differences between her clone and herself, she angrily confonted him hours later about this.

They got into an intense argument, and Aisha informed him that Aria had finally succeeded in tearing them apart, using Aisha II as a part of her plan. She then broke off the engagement, much to Alec's devastation, and then left the Cullen house in tears. Seeking comfort, she tearfully went to her mother's house and was consoled by Bella. Not long after this, Alec visited her and compelled her to forget about the supernatural's existence and that he was a vampire, wanting her to live a normal life. It worked, and he asked her to the Halloween masquerade ball, to which she accepted. Aria then demanded her talisman, but Aisha was clueless due to the compulsion. This led Aria to attack her, and she almost killed her.

Aisha survived the attack, and Aria compelled her into believing a lion had mauled her. She then attended the masquerade ball without Alec because he and Bella set their plan against Aria into action. In the middle of the ball, she heard the commotion for upstairs and demanded that Alec tell her the truth after the pandemonium had died down. He once again refused, and she began to question whether he was worthy of her love. This led to Alec initiating a kiss, but she rejected him. She went home, but was kidnapped. During her captivity, her captor, Shira Ramirez, revealed that she was after the talisman and tortured her to the point of near-death. Aisha also learned from her that Klaus, an ancient vampire, was after her due to her being Aria's reincarnation. This was because she was a distant relative of Elena, Aria's doppelganger, and that the next surviving member of Elena's family would be forced to fulfill the rest of her destiny because an unknown curse needed to be broken. She was devastated when Shira told her that the last part of fulfilling Elena's destiny was killing her lover, and angrily refused. This forced Shira to step in, and she compelled Aisha to try to kill Alec. Aisha distracted Alec by passionately kissing him, but when she stabbed him, he managed to break the compulsion. Their relationship was strained to the brink after this, and he shouted at her to leave town. Aisha was devastated after this, and quickly left town after Bella begged her not to go.

However, before she left, Alec attempted to reason with her. Aisha wouldn't listen to him, coldly stating that there was nothing to be worked out before she departed. She soon began to remember the true circumstances about her attempt on Alec's life and researched vampires, putting the pieces together. This didn't change her feelings for him, and she visited him, greeting him with a passionate kiss. Quickly, they repaired their relationship and he proposed her hand in marriage, and she accepted. They later got married after this.

Physical Appearance

She is 5'8 and has a wingspan that starts at 13 feet but eventually become 15 feet across. Her wings are an off white with brown stripes and tan specks. She has brown eyes, and has long, blonde hair that goes to her shoulders.


At first, Aisha was vicious and sadistic due to her brutal training by Vicki. She was willing to go to extreme lengths to do what she was told to do, but after meeting and falling in love with Alec, her personality drastically changed. One of her top priorities is to protect her lover, and she becomes warmer despite her hostility towards Vicki's family—the Mallories. However, she has a short temper, which was brought to the surface after Kayla provoked her. On several occasions, she has expressed the desire to be a normal girl with no wings or a horrific past. She trusts nobody—except Alec, Kayla, and Dr. Adrianna Hernandez, who is her biological mother, and Bella Hernandez, her half-sister. Her hatred for Vicki's family has also extended towards the Gonzalezes because they had a key role in her "creation," but she is currently unaware that Elena's ex-husband, Damon Gonzalez, is her biological father and that Adrianna is her mother and Bella is her half-sister.

Aisha also cares for Kayla, despite the latter's antagonism towards her. She even stated herself that she would go as far as stake Isobel to protect the world, showing that she is willing to kill although she doesn't take pleasure in it anymore. In addition, she also hates "girliness," saying that makeup, dresses and high-heel shoes are a pain, claiming that she can't fight when dressed up. Despite this, she has been shown to be thrilled about her engagement to Alec. She also detests those who try to ruin her relationship with Alec, and she was furious when Aria finally got between them. When Shira told her that she was destined to fulfill Elena's destiny, she was irate, showing that she doesn't believe in completing others' fates. Her love for Alec is so strong to the point that she was reduced to tears when she was informed that the last part of Elena's fate was the horrific act of murdering the man she loved.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight - Due to her wings, she is able to fly at high speeds.
  • Skilled Martial Artist - Aisha was brutally trained in combat and knows various forms of martial arts and she has been shown to be even more proficient than Elena, who was a ninth-degree black belt. She is dangerously proficient in Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, and Dragon Kung Fu, pressure point fighting, Amazon martial arts, boxing, and judo.
  • Expert Swordswoman - Due to her combat training, she is highly skilled with swords.
  • Clairvoyance - Due to her witch heritage, Aisha can read people when she touches them.
  • Pyrokinesis - Aisha has been shown to be able to start fires with her mind.
  • Hydrokinesis - She also is able to manipulate water with her mind.
  • Telekinesis - Aisha also is able to move objects with her mind.
  • Psionic blast - Along with the basic witch powers, she can also cause mental pain, which serves as both an offense and defense weapon. The pain always causes her victims to curl up in a fetal ball, clutching their head and screaming.

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